Baseball for Kids
Programs are designed for youth in families of low to moderate income

  • Provide funds for expenses related to Travel Baseball & Tournaments.
  • After school activities.
  • Summer camps.
  • Fall camps.
  • Winter camps.
  • Spring camps.

Learn about the great game of baseball through a positive coaching environment.  Learning how to compete in a positive way.  Winning isn’t everything, its learning how to play the game and have fun doing it.  The experience of competing is the key.  Learning how to win and how to lose.  The current youth baseball environment is predicated on the philosophy of “winning is everything”.  Therefore, if you finish second to last you are a failure.  They call it a baseball game, not a baseball job.  Lost in this process is the value of learning the “game” and how to have fun playing the “game”. 


Values learned from this process deal with learning how to get along with others from different ethic and social backgrounds.  It starts with your teammates and continues with respecting your opponents.  Current leagues keep players within their geographic areas.  Therefore, there is very little diversity among the group of players.  Select/Travel teams  usually consist of a different make-up.  The biggest difference is most Select/Travel teams have a high cost of traveling to tournaments.  It has an elitist tag of only those youth  who can afford this type of program can participate.  These programs should be available to all who want to participate not just the chosen few.  Finally, the lessons learned by those who participate should be on how they can better improve their skills so they can better compete with other youths on a level playing field