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BFK  is meant to keep competitive baseball open to kids from all walks of life – we want to make talent the primary factor in determining who can play competitive, travel team baseball.

In the past, The Hardtke Baseball Academy has contributed significant funds for player scholarships and travel fees. In fact, The Hardtke Baseball Academy has  contributed over $200,000 in the past 10 seasons. These funds assured spots on Hardtke travel teams for kids who did not have the financial wherewithal to do so on their own. BFK was  formed to expand the opportunities beyond what The Hardtke Baseball Academy can do alone. BFK  was  formed as a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation, so that contributions are tax deductible. Our Federal Tax ID# is: 36-4495191.

Spring Season 
February-May 31, 2020
(Formerly Hardtke World of Baseball)

EFS Training Program  
(6 sessions)
June 1-12, 2020

Program Benefits
Baseball Training Program (Practices & Games)
15  Week Program
30+ Practices
6-7 Scheduled Local Tournaments
4 on 1 Group Lessons
6 Extreme Fitness & Sports Sessions​

BFK will provide scholarships and travel funds for qualifying kids in Northern California.  These players have to meet certain GPA’s in order to qualify for receiving any initial scholarships.

 Targeted ages are 10 through 18 year olds. The younger age groups will play locally and regionally. Older groups will play in various tournaments on the west coast– typically four or five such tournaments a year. Annual cost of a traveling team now runs about $1,995 - $3,000 per player, with travel fees adding hundreds more dollars per tournament!
We’re asking for help from people and groups who recognize the importance of keeping baseball open to everyone – people like you! Any size contribution is appreciated. Currently we are accepting applications for our Travel Ball programs and are in need of scholarship money for several players. If you would like to donate a partial or full payment for one of these players, please see donation form above. If you would like to pay by check, please send to:

HBA/Baseball For Kids
P.O. BOX 20373
San Jose, CA 95160

Phone #: 408-502-4611
Email: info@baseballforkids.org