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"I admire the Baseball For Kids organization for showing a commitment to financially burdened players and their families. By Baseball For Kids reaching out in the community on their behalf and seeking to generate assistance, it shows me a great deal of compassion, thoughtfulness, and class to the players, the families, and the fame of baseball here in San Jose. This organization gives players, including my son, the ability to receive high level baseball instruction and to have access to an indoor facility, enabling them to hone their skills, and proved to be a huge benefit and provides them a 'leg up' towards achieving their baseball goals."


"After playing little league baseball from T-Ball through Seniors, we were looking for a program to challenge our player and help him get to the next level. A combination of conditioning, individual coaching and a lot of opportunity for tournament play, made Hardtke the perfect fit! My husband recently had an accident and we were unable to continue with baseball after losing one income. Without the help of the Baseball For Kids scholarship program, my son would not have been able to continue playing the sport he loves"


“Baseball For Kids has allowed my son to extend his baseball career past high school and into college. Without their help, my son would not be able to continue on his journey to attain his lifelong goal of becoming a professional baseball player”


“My son has been playing with Hardtke since he was 12 years old. After a few years, we ran into some hard times like so many in this country. This is when we found out about Baseball for Kids, this allowed him to continue playing baseball. This was invaluable to our son to be able to continue with his


“Without the support of the Baseball For Kids my son would not have been able to play travel baseball this Fall. The organization was able to provide a full scholarship for my son… Thank you to the Baseball For Kids organization for allowing my son to receive top notch instruction and elevating his game as he progresses to higher levels of play”